G&B Harvest Supreme 2 cu ft

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2 cu ft

Product Overview

Primary Uses:

  • An all-purpose, pre-fertilized, planting and garden soil amendment
  • Formulated to provide abundant plant nutrients, improve physical soil structure and help balance pH when mixed with existing garden soil
  • Excels as a nutrient-rich top-dressing and mulch
  • Effective for "heavy-feeder" plants such as vegetables

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% organic ingredients including worm castings, kelp meal, bat guano, and 15% composted chicken manure
  • Provides an exceptionally abundant and balanced nutrient supply at planting time in new or existing garden soils
  • Increases moisture retention in loose or sandy soils
  • Improves soil drainage by loosening compacted, hard pan clay soils
  • Contains several species of beneficial Mycorrhizae soil fungi - enhancing the root system of many plant species
  • Can be used as a soil amendment, planting mix or mulch
  • Can be used to refortify a raised bed by adding 1-2" as a top dress or to mix into existing soil

Ingredients: Recycled forest products, composted chicken manure, bark fines, rice hulls, oyster shell lime (as pH adjuster), worm castings, bad guano, kelp meal

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