Our rose selection is carefully chosen based on these two criteria:


1.  Fragrance

2. Disease Resistance

Each season we pot bare root roses with a mix of rose & flower food, alfalfa meal, Epsom Salts and organic potting soil.  

We carry the three main types of hybrid roses:

Hybrid Tea

Gorgeous, large blooms.

Great cutting flowers.


These roses have large clusters of smaller flowers. 


Beautiful, large blooms.

Great for cutting.

We also carry climbing and shrub roses.

Shrub roses

Stay compact

Low maintenance

Disease resistant

Climbing roses

Climb on trellises

Beautiful wall of flowers




How to prune your roses




In the fall, prune the plant back to 3 to 5 of the strongest canes.  These will be nice and green or thick and vigorous and have obvious eyes that will be the new shoots. Each eye will become a whole branch. 


Prune into an open vase structure because roses like a lot of air circulation.


Why: If you have too many crossing branches or plant them too close to other plants, they tend to get two very common diseases: black spot and powdery mildew. 



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The secret to planting a beautiful flower pot: three ingredients!

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The thriller is your pot's main event.  Add height and interest to your pot with a plant that's beautiful all season long. 

perennials, annuals, petunias, filler plants


The filler highlights and fills in around the thriller.  Choose plants with beautiful folliage and long blooming seasons.

Spillers, trailers, trailing plants, cascading plants


The spiller overflows over the edge of your pot.  Contrasting colors and textures will make your pot shine.



Become a gardener with us.


We don't think of gardening as a destination.  We learn something new every day. Think of gardening as a practice and a journey.



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The plant doctor is in.  


We see all kinds of plants.

We'll help you re-pot, stake, nourish and

nurture your plant back to health.


Our team has incredible knowledge about plants. 




We're like your gardening coaches.